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Guidelines for Issue of Integrated/Income /Family Member /Birth /Death Certificate -Minimize Rejections

Guidelines for Issue of Integration / Income / Family Member / Birth / Death Certificate -Minimize Rejections Circular CCLA's Ref No LR-II (1) /REV02-13/15/2022 dated 18/04/2022. Detailed guidelines for Minimising the rejections in respect of Integrated Certificate / Income Certificate / Family Certificate/ Birth Certificate/ Death Certificate in Andhra Pradesh. 
Sub: Certificates- Issue of Integration/Income /Family Member Certificate/ Late - Registration Birth and Death Certificate- by Tahsidlars - Rejection of Certificates on frivolous reasons- guidelines issued to minimize rejections Strict Adherence to the instructions - Requested -reg.

Guidelines for Issue of Integration / Income / Family Member / Birth / Death Certificate -Minimize Rejections

The attention of the Tahsildar /RDO/ Sub-Collector /Jt. Collector/ Collectors in the state is invited to the most important work of the Revenue Department i.e., issue of various certificates for the general /specific requirement of the public. The decision to accept /reject of the certificates have lot of public bearing. 

However it is noticed that there are huge number of rejections under various categories of certificates and those reasons cited for their rejection are noticed to be frivolous. Hence it is decided to issue following guidelines for strict adherence by Tahsildar and for strict follow-up by the RDO/Sub Collector /Jt Collector /Collector to ensure (1) certificates are not rejected and if there to be only on a valid grounds (2) to ensure certificates are more easily deliverable to the public.

Guidelines for Receipt of Various Applications

Applications for grant of different certificates may be received either at Village secretariat/Ward secretariat/Meeseva centres/online web-application/call centre or through any other mechanism that may be prescribed by the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration from time to time. 

Name of the applicant (with Aadhar number), mobile number, postal address and email ID of Applicant, name of Father / Husband (along with Aadhar number) and name of mother (with Aadhar number) shall be mandatorily collected at the time of receiving the application in Village secretariat/Ward secretariat/Meeseva centres/online call centre. Complete mailing address shall also be captured as per the provision given in Village secretariat/Ward secretariat/Meeseva centres workflow. www.apteachers.in

Biometric authentication of the applicant shall be done to establish the identity of the applicant, at the time of receiving the application. 

REJECTION ONLY ON MERITS AND NO OTHER GROUNDS: Any rejection, if need be, shall only be on merits. They shall not be on any frivolous grounds. No rejection shall be on grounds of insufficient documents. 

SUB-SLAS TO BE FIXED FOR MONITORED: Monitoring of Services shall be done based on Sub-SLAs assigned to different levels of officers and the Tahsildars/RDOs/Collectors shall constantly review progress. 

SCRUTINY OF CASES: 25% of all rejections and 5% of approved cases shall be randomly pushed to the inboxes of RDOs/JCs/Collectors for verification. 
WEEKLY REVIEW BY JOINT COLLECTOR AND COLLECTOR: The Joint Collector and the Collector shall conduct a video conference every week and shall go through at least 10 randomly selected cases of rejection, document by document, and satisfy themselves that the rejection was on
merits. They shall guide the Tahsildars on how to dispose applications as per SLA and ensure that cases are not rejected on frivolous grounds. 

SERVICE DELIVERY: After approval, the entire set of documents shall be forwarded to the Village Secretariat for handing over to the applicant. They shall be automatically sent by email to the applicant, wherever an email ID is provided. A link to the entire record shall be sent by SMS and whatsapp to the applicant. If the applicant so chooses and pays for it, the documents shall be sent by courier/Registered post on the same day that they are approved.

In case of the following important certificates being issued by the Revenue Dept., the following guidelines shall be strictly adhered to;visit gsws.info

A. INTEGRATED CERTIFICATE The Service: The Revenue Department issues integrated certificates containing Community, Nativity and Date of Birth in terms of G.O. Ms. No. 58, Social Welfare (), 12th May, 1997. These certificates are used for availing scholarships, fee reimbursements, admissions, Govt Jobs and other welfare schemes.

If an integrated certificate was previously issued, the same will be re-issued across the counter as a Cat-A service. It will be issued with the present Tahsildar's digital signature and present date. If individual name is in the Household Database (HH DB) authenticated by any assistant/RO at Village Secretariat level or by any government servant above the level of assistant/VRO at Village Secretariat, the Certificate can be issued as Cat-A service. 

Else, the applicant will be asked to get particulars updated and authenticated in the HH DB. If the Father of the applicant was issued an integrated Certificate or Caste Certificate, Caste Certificate to his biological children may be given across the counter by taking a declaration from the applicant. The Date of Birth column can also be filled if one of the 14 documents acceptable as Date of Birth proof as in the case of passport application. In such a case, integrated certificate can be issued. In case the Date of Birth proof is not submitted, the same may be left Blank.
Work Flow in other cases: DA -> VRO -> MRI->Deputy Tahsildar 

The Sub-SLAs shall be reduced from 7 days to 3 days for VRO, 2 days for MRI 3 days for Deputy Tahsildar. (Total 8 Days) All previously cancelled certificates should be made part of the database, so that they are not re-issued erroneously. 
The purpose of requesting the certificate may be recorded for a better understanding of the usage of certificates. 

The Service: The Revenue Dept. issues Income Certificates as per G.O.Ms. No. 186, Services www.apteachers.in (1), 26th May, 2015.Citizens use this certificate for Welfare Schemes, Scholarships, Admissions in Educational Institutions etc. The certificate is commonly used by Under Graduates, Post Graduates students for fee- reimbursement.

If an income certificate was issued in the past five years to the applicant, the same can be re-issued across the counter as a Cat-A service. 
A fresh certificate will be issued if the validity period is over.
All white cardholders will be automatically issued an Income certificate with income of one lakh per annum, which is below the BPL limit. 

If the applicant passes the six-step validation process, income certificates will be issued for an income of one Lakh per annum, which is the below the BPL limit. In cases where a fresh certificate needs to be issued, the workflow with sub-SLAs shall be as follows: 
DA - VRO(3 Days) - MRI (2 Days) -Dy. Tahsildar (5 Days) - (Total 10 Days)

The purpose of requesting the certificate may be recorded for a better understanding of the usage of certificates. Income Certificate shall be dispensed with for all Welfare schemes in AP where 6 step validations is used. A thorough study may be taken up to ascertain where income certificate is being insisted upon to efforts made to eliminate the same.No Rejection is allowed. 

The Service: The Revenue Dept. issues family member Certificate in G.O.Ms.No. 145, Services.(II), Dt 25th April, 2015. This certificate is used to provide the family members information, where the head of the family is deceased. It is used for availing the benefits under Apathbhandu Scheme/Chief Minister Relief Fund/Housing, insurance claims, succession of financial assets etc and updation of records of properties.

Where family members certificate in respect of a deceased individual was already issued, the same will be across the counter as a Cat-A service, as the FMC is the same for a deceased individual.
FMC will be issued as a cat-A service, if the family is included in HH DB. Since the Aadhar numbers of all the Family members is being insisted upon at the time of applying for FMC, the recording of statement from each of the Family members may not be insisted upon. Non- availability of the family member for recording statement shall not be a ground for rejecting the FMC. In case a counter claim is filed to issue FMC, the recording of statements from neighbors/village elders shall be mandatorily done. 
The workflow will be: DA ->VRO(3 days) à MRI (2 Days) -> Tahsildar(5 Days).

 The purpose of requesting the certificate may be recorded for a better understanding of the usage of certificates.  No Rejection is allowed.

The Service: As per the Registration of Birth and Death Act 1969, the Revenue Divisional officer shall register Births/Deathsin case of non registration of birth/death more than an year after the event. Citizen can apply at GSWS/Meeseva/Online web-service.

In every case of late registration of Birth, the SSC (Class 10) certificate which has the birth of the applicant mentioned in it, shall invariably be uploaded at the stage of filing of application. Production of this alone is sufficient to register the birth. In case the applicant produces any one of the 13 other documents accepted as date of birth in a passport application, the application will be sent directly to RDO from Tahsildar, for approval without any further enquiry. 
In other cases, the proposed work flow: 
VRO (3 Days) ->RI (3 Days) -> RDO (5 Days). Total (11 Days) 

In Urban Areas - Non-Availability can be fetched directly as data is digitized. In case of late registration of death, the filing of cremation certificate and in its absence panchanama of the neighbors/village elders shall be insisted. In every case of late registration of Birth/death which is five (5) years after the event, the letter requesting for submission of such certificate issued by appropriate authority/agency shall be uploaded while applying for the certificate

All the District Collectors in the state are requested to issue instructions to the Joint Collectors (VWS&D) with a direction to disseminate the above instructions to the Grama/Ward Sachivalaym Field staff and ensure that smooth conduction distribution of all the certificates at VSWS/Meeseva/Online/Call center without any distraction.

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